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This is a website to showcase The Taliaferro's brand. The Taliaferro manufactures fragrance experiences to help consumers discover the beauty within themselves.



Welcome to The Taliaferro. 

The only luxury fragrance brand, for the people.

"I'm luxury, what about you?"

Welcome to The Taliaferro, your new personal fragrance designer.

Finally, a fragrance company that likes to "keep it personal".

All of our luxury fragrances are made to order which ensures that you or your significant other will have a fresh product to wear. In addition to our signature scents, we offer custom fragrance services as well for the discerning client who seeks to have a scent unlike any other mortal on earth. Now that, is luxury. 

The Original Collection


What are our customers saying?

...thanks for the personalized fragrance!! The BEST Ever.
— Amir K. from Union, NJ
...I wake up like this lol and go to bed like this - no but I swear I spray this fragrance on my sheets, pillows and on myself. The best fragrance Ever! Become. Everyone’s. Desire by The Taliaferro
— Alicia B. from Glen Ridge, NJ
...just received my custom scent from The Taliaferro. This scent is perfection and I am the only one to have it. #brilliant
— Christine C. from Brooklyn, NY