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This is a website to showcase The Taliaferro's brand. The Taliaferro manufactures fragrance experiences to help consumers discover the beauty within themselves.

Our Products

The Taliaferro’s fragrance products are one of a kind, for one a kind people. All of our products are made to order. You shall have enjoyment.

Inspired by Life


Once upon a time, there was a guy named Hakim who was tired of going into coffee shops just to come out smelling like... coffee. Oh of course, I would enter smelling great and loving my newly purchased perfume... but I leave smelling like a fresh cup of decaf. This weird "nuisance" of mine would cause me to have a slight pause before entering certain places which I knew had "funny smells". 

Turns out I wasn't the only one who found this "cafe aroma linger" phenomenon to be slightly disturbing. Hmmm... maybe I should make my own perfume that would be strong enough to withstand "cafe" scent. This inspires me to first create a "clothing spray"... or perfume for clothing. Same thing right? Yeah, you're right. Same thing. Anyway, I realized that others wanted to smell like "luxury" all day too.

The birth of The Taliaferro occurs.

The Taliaferro sets out to create unforgettable fragrances and create unforgettable fragrance experiences for consumers and businesses by crafting scents for home, business, car and body. All of our fragrances are designed by our own in-house artisan perfumers who are trained to create from inspiration. We offer signature products and have custom fragrance services as well for those who seek to "defy the odds" by having a unique sent like no other.


Earth-Friendly Practices

Our products are not tested on animals.


Stellar Culture and Products

"White Glove Service" from start to finish.  

Giving Back

We are partnered with a few nonprofits in the Paterson and Newark, NJ area that help support youth entrepreneurship.