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This is a website to showcase The Taliaferro's brand. The Taliaferro manufactures fragrance experiences to help consumers discover the beauty within themselves.



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3 reasons you need a custom fragrance before you leave the earth

The Taliaferro

we often make purchases based on advertisements that represent our likeness or aspirations, but rarely based on true emotional connection with our own story.

you walk into your favorite department store and are greeted by a lady with a bottle of perfume. she asks to spray your wrist. and you politely oblige even though you rather not. you love it, at first. thirty minutes later, not so much. what happened?

it changed when it interacted with your body's natural chemistry. you enjoyed the top notes and introduction of the scent, but its not resonating with you on a deeper level. here's another simple reason you don't like the scent: it wasn't made for you.

we all have our own unique "fragrance personality" and smelling a perfume that doesn't align with our fragrance personality can affect our moods. for example, a person whose fragrance personality is more of an "upbeat, insanely optimistic personality" may not particularly like the scent of leather or tobacco. 

with the sense of smell being our most influential sense upon our emotional state, it would behoove you to become more aware of the relationship you have with your nose. here are a few reasons i have personally recommend for you to have a custom fragrance created for you by a professional before you leave this beautiful planet.

1. there will never be another you. like ever.

ok, i know that you like having a collection of fragrances from fine brands like Hermes, Gucci and Louis Vuitton on your dresser because it makes you feel luxurious. but, may i add that you are a symbol of luxury yourself. those perfumes you buy can be duplicated and sold. however, unlike a liquid: you can not be mass produced. you are a unique individual and your scent should reflect that.

we often make purchases based on advertisements that represent our likeness or aspirations, but rarely based on true emotional connection with our own story. its about time that you make a scent that reminds you that you are rare and can not be duplicated.  

2. leave something for loved ones to cherish and remember you by

i bet you can remember the first fragrance you ever wore. more than likely it was from a close family relative or friend. how did you feel when you wore that scent? did you wear it to school? did you occasionally use it as a substitute for deodorant (oops, that's my own story. pardon me.)? did your mom scold you for wearing her favorite bottle of Chanel? 

more than likely, you resonated with their fragrance because you trusted them. they had your approval. wouldn't it be lovely to leave behind a scent to your loved ones that will make them feel the way you felt when you wore their fragrances? after your earthly departure during times that are less charming for them, they can spritz your signature scent to feel secure and loved. what an amazing way to remember you.

3. it makes you seem fancy and sophisticated

how many friends do you have right now who have their own scent? more than likely, you can count them on one hand. how cool it would be at your next social gathering to get a compliment and inquiry into your fragrance just to have them ask: what are you wearing? what would you say? they would see you as that charming sophisticate that you are. feel like a celeb every time you wear your custom fragrance.

go ahead and try something new! get started today buy clicking on the image below!