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This is a website to showcase The Taliaferro's brand. The Taliaferro manufactures fragrance experiences to help consumers discover the beauty within themselves.

the scented social was fun. thank you Allan.


The Taliaferro's Blog and Special Updates.

the scented social was fun. thank you Allan.

The Taliaferro


the scented social was fun. thank you Allan.

Special Thank You to Sir Allan for allowing us to host The Scented Social at his lovely home! We all had such a blast and I personally thank all of you for taking time out of your precious schedules to socialize and smell some fragrances.

Special congratulations to the evening's mystery scent winner Sir Franklyn for naming our new fragrance release "Red Wood" (Click here to purchase or sample fragrance.) 

We were humbled by the many positive remarks about the event afterwards and we are excited to inform you that our next event will be a social/birthday gathering for yours truly, Mr. Taliaferro.

We thank you for attending and hope to see you at our next gathering